Astrology Pinch Bowl Workshop with Pineapple Studios

Thursday, September 29th 7:00-8:30pm

Mercury may be in retrograde but you can still shape the cosmos with a handmade Zodiac Constellation Dish! The perfect catch-all for your jewelry, trinkets or crystals. 

Owner of Pineapple Studios, and feature artist for the month of September, Jess Reedy will be teaching clay forming techniques to create your dish, under-glazing for surface design and etching designs into the clay to give the pieces a truly unique look!

After the workshop, pieces will be dried and kiln fired back in the Pineapple studio before being shipped to you (your shipping costs are included in your workshop) so be on the lookout for them to arrive in the mail in about a week!

Price includes:

  • Clay slabs - giving you plenty of freedom for design! Make one larger dish or several minis - it's up to you! 
  • Glaze
  • Firing and finishing
  • Shipping to your humble abode

This class will be:

Led by our feature artist Jess Reedy of Pineapple Studios

It will be held at Edge of Urge Raleigh


Call 919-827-4000 or email for more info!