Some of you know we opened a new concept late last year called @unlikelyprofessionals While it’s not necessarily a “men’s” certainly is where our menswear resides.

I also moved my studio there and it’s where I spent many of my hours before Covid hit.

Long story short.. every evening when Jamil ( aka @imboulevards ) would come in for his shift, the whole vibe would change. And 9 times out of 10 I’d have to run out there and dance for a minute. This would happen several times a night. The music just takes over and there is no resisting. For those of you who know Jamil, you know he lives for music.

I asked if he would be interested in making a playlist we could share with our EOU and UP fam! We have a mega marathon ahead of us and think we all need some healing and to shake it. 

“This playlist for those who have the hunger to learn, Groove, move, sit and think. These are some of my favorite bangers that get me through these dark times we are living in. Sip on something, go for a walk, break a sweat, break bread with some friends and have uncomfortable conversations about the state of the world. These jams are are for your ear hole to provoke thinking and dialogue. Enjoy, Groove, tap your feet, Bob ya head. Peace”

Written by Jessie W