This month's style guide features all things spooky! (muah ha ha ha) Take a deep dive into the witchy vibes we all crave this time of year. And don't forget to create a little magic for your littles while you're at it!

Witchy products

Feeling a Bit Witchy
  1. Baggu - Packable Sun Hat: Raisin
  2. Moon River - Sweater Choker Midi Dress: Black
  3. Jellycat - Glamorama Cat
  4. While Odin Sleeps - Capsule Vestigium Earrings: Brass
  5. Crystal Bar Soap - Practical Magic Crystal Infused Body Butter
  6. TooD Beauty - BioGlitter: Amethyst
  7. I Like It Here Club - Elevator Button Ring: Gold Plated Black Onyx

Brand Spotlight:

I Like It Here Club was founded by Goldsmith and Designer Jessie Yaeger located in Wilmington, North Carolina. She creates fine and demi-fine unique pieces. "The brand promotes positive energy, adventure, and reflection, daydreaming and night dreaming and clear, pure joy." Each of her pieces tell a meaningful story. 


Self care products

Spooky Self Care

  1. Grace Duong - Mystic Mondays Tarot
  2. Renew by EOU - Bitches Brew Essential Oil Roll-On
  3. 54Celsius - Tarot Candle: Death
  4. Zen Den Crystal Candles - Aura Quartz Candle: Smokey Quartz
  5. Species by the Thousands - Psychic Dream Spray 2oz
  6. Deco Miami - Retrograde Nail Stickers
  7. BKIND - Black Heart Nail Polish
  8. Sow the Magic - Dandelion Tarot Botanical Bath Tea Box

Brand Spotlight:

BKIND is a Montreal based Nail polish brand founded in 2014 by Marilyne Bouchard. Reflecting on her own experiences with having reactive and sensitive skin to products found in pharmacies and supermarkets inspired her to use her Microbiology degree to create a natural cosmetics brand. BKIND is using the best ingredients to ensure the greatest benefits for their consumers. 


Witchy books 

For Your Bookshelf

  1. Sonia Lazo - Witch, Please: Magical Musings on Life, Love, and Owning Your Power
  2. Erica Feldmann - HausMagick: Transform Your Home With Witchcraft
  3. Cerridwen Greenleaf - The Green Witch at Home
  4. Veronica Varlow - Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft and Secret Spells to Electrify Your Life
  5. Kerry Colburn - Bitchcraft Simple Spells for Everyday Annoyances & Sweet Revenge
  6. Steven Rhodes - Let's Summon Demons: A Creepy Coloring & Activity Book
  7. The Rainbow Vision - Visions Journal: Deep Purple
  8. Golden Gems - Make Cool Shit, Take No Shit Journal

Brand Spotlight:

Cerridwen Greenleaf's, The Green Witch at Home: a guide to a happy home is essential reading for anyone who wants to live the good life. Replete with easy ideas for a charmed life, this gorgeously illustrated book teaches you how to increase your happiness quotient at home. Learn how you can make an effortless herbal prosperity potpourri and which crystals will create harmonious vibrations and improve relationships.


For your little monster

For Your Little Monster

  1. Donna Wilson - Make Your Own Monster Kit
  2. OOLY - Scratch & Scribble Art Kit: Monster Pals
  3. Nailmatic - DIY Bath Bomb Maker
  4. Chronicle Books - Little Ghostie Finger Puppet Book
  5. Archie McPhee - Finger Puppet: Monsters & Zombie Glow
  6. Jason Ford - The Monster Book of Zombies, Spooks and Ghouls: Halloween Activities

Brand Spotlight:

Donna Wilson has been using her whimsical imagination to design and create a variety of products and homewares/accessories since 2003. They recycle their offcuts and scraps from their studio to create Make Your Own Toy Kits for little ones to foster their own creativity and create their own little monsters. 


Written by Lily Hurr