For the inaugural edition of our brand spankin' new style guide we're featuring some of our favorite new arrivals and the brands behind them! Copy the looks or take inspiration from our EOU styling tips to create your own take on these fun looks! 



Let's Go To The Park!

1. Banks Journal - Oasis Women's Jumpsuit
2. Chunks - Dolly Claw: Marbled Black
3. Baggu - Puffy Lunch Bag: Pink Citrus
4. Blush - Mirage Double Hinged Corkscrew
5. Everyday Humans - The Sunshine Sampler Set
6. Janne Robinson - This is for the Women Who Don't Give a Fuck
7. Porter Green - Stemm Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glass: Stirling

Brand Spotlight:

Porter Green is a Women-Owned, family run business based out of Melbourne, Australia created in 2018. The brand focuses on making products that are not only sustainably and ethically made, but also incredible chic and stylish. The Stemm Cup highlighted in this guide is foldable, unbreakable, portable, dishwasher safe, and made from FDA approved food grade silicone.


For a Night at Home

1. Jacqueline Whitney - All That You Deserve
2. Virgie Tovar - The Body Positive Journal
3. Sounds - Gua Sha: Aventurine
4. Curie - Clay Detox Mask
5. Maude - Drop Massager
6. Cancelled Plans - Do Not Disturb Candle
7. Fur - Fur Oil
8. G. Republic - Llama Stress Relieving Pet

Brand Spotlight:

Fur is a Women-Owned Brand launched in 2016 with a focus on body hair care rather than body hair removal. Their products are made with facial grade, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic ingredients that are approved and tested by medical experts. Fur oil is used to soothe and smooth ones skin for treating and preventing ingrown hairs. The oil is safe for use head to toe.


Leveled-Up Street Style

1. Madinga - Libra Vest
2. Find Me Now - Malibu Mini Dress: Black
3. Baggu - Puffy Water Bottle Sling: Nasturtium
4. Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise - Crochet Checker Bucket Hat
5. While Odin Sleeps - Halmeoni Necklace: 18 Inch Chain
6. Spitfire - Spitfire Classics 54mm
7. Black Label Skate Boards - Lucero Cross Yellow Stain Deck 10 in

Brand Spotlight:

While Odin Sleeps is a North Carolina brand based out of Morgantown. Founder and maker, Lauren began WOS in 2011 and since then has grown the brand with a mostly female team. She plans to expand the WOS offerings by working on collaborations with other female makers to produce apparel, home goods, and other accessories!


Cuties for the Kiddos

1. Rise and Ramble - Hand Dyed Kids Tee
2. Jellycat - Boiled Egg: Happy Large
3. Jellycat - Sensational Seafood Sardine
4. Baby Cats of California - Tiger Leggings
5. Rainbow Waters - 6-Pack Organic Wipes
6. Sabrina Moyle - My Mom is Magical!
7. Gryph & Ivyrose - Get-A-Grip Conditioning Detangler

Brand Spotlight:

Jellycat is a toy company founded in London, England in 1999. The name was dreamt up by a kid who loved jellies and loved cats! Jellycat works with designers and fabrics from all over England and around the globe. Their soft and quirky toys are great for any person of any age. An Edge of Urge favorite, forever.


Just a Pop of Color

1. Room Shop - Patchwork Tie Back Triangle Top: Multicolor
2. Another Girl - Patchwork Print Plisse Maxi Trousers
3. Baggu - Bucket Hat: Butter
4: Primecut Bags - Shearling Bum Bag: Lilac
5. Fluide - Universal Liner: Crystal Cluster
6. People of Color - Walk of Fame Nail Polish
7. Deco Miami - Nail Stickers: Sunny Side Up

Brand Spotlight:

People of Color nail polish is a Black-Owned and Women Owned brand created by Jacqueline Carrington in 2019. The brands mission is to celebrate and represent people of color through their nail polish collections.

Written by Lily Hurr