Thousand Palms Bar Soap

Thousand Palms Bar Soap


Exfoliating triple-milled Bar Soap with fragrance notes of Tuberose, Petitgrain, and Patchouli. ✨

Inspired by the sense of elation that comes from this desert oasis. The fragrance unfolds as follows: First, a shock of crisp botanical notes of Bell Pepper and Petitgrain that seem surreal in their vivid verdancy. A prickle of Jalapeno heat is soon quieted by the plush floral notes of Tuberose that give way to the sturdy scent of Virginia Cedar and incense.

Like the oasis for which it is named, Thousand Palms is an experience brimming with life and verdant abundance. This scent exudes energy, optimism, and intensity.

8.8 oz/ 249.5 g.