Candy Cat Cap

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Want to make your furry friend even more adorable? This Candy Cat cap series features 6 cute Candy variations for the sweetest of cats! The best part...IT'S A SURPRISE! That's right! You will receive one of these 5 designs!

Have your camera ready, because when a cat is this cute, it’s a must-share on Instagram! Perfect for cats with a head circumference of 11-11.5,” these kitty hats feature a bottom strap for a safe and secure fit! We care about the comfort of your pet as much as you do, so avoid putting the cap on cats who dislike collars or being touched.

Made with animal-safe polyester, our cat apparel hoodies are soft, durable and of the highest quality! Every style captures the undeniable charm of Japanese design, making our caps a great go-to for anyone who loves kawaii culture.