Splat Possum

Splat Possum


Mighty possum power! ✨

The Splat Possum is a bit of a masochist. Whether you are dropping it or throwing it as hard as possible, this possum will take it with a devious grin. Angry? Splat the possum! Happy? Celebrate with a possum toss! Splat Possum is appropriate for expressing a whole range of possum-related emotions. This 5-1/2" tall, soft TPR Splat Possum is filled with sand. If you throw him, he changes shape, but you can mold him back to his original possumosity.

✦ Splattable possum
✦ Measures approximately 5.5" tall
✦ Soft rubber filled with sand
✦ Likes to be splatted

    WARNING: Never set me anywhere you wouldn’t let a real possum sit down because we both can stain.

    Avoid the following:
    All porous surfaces!
    Mom’s couch!
    The seats of Dad’s new car!
    Walls you’re fond of!
    Your sister’s new dress!