Jasmine and Rose Facial Toner: 2oz

Jasmine and Rose Facial Toner: 2oz


Toning can often serve as the most critical part of a skin care routine. In fact, it is often the most overlooked step. Our Jasmine and Rose Toner is alcohol free (ideal for sensitive or rosacea prone skin) and resets the skin’s pH to 5.5. This helps achieve two key aspects to a successful routine:

1) helps to soothe irritation 

2) helps other products (serums, moisturizers, etc.) be more effective by penetrating the skin deeper


rosewater hydrosol*, aloe*, vegetable glycerin, jasmine essential oil*

*signifies organic ingredient 


After cleansing your skin either close your eyes and mist toner directly onto skin, or spray on to a cotton ball and rub lightly on the face to help remove any extra dirt or oils missed by a cleanser. Next apply serums, moisturizers, or oils.


- During summer months, store in the fridge for an instant cool down or to help calm heat rashes.

-Can be misted on the face throughout the day to reset makeup or provide a boost of hydration.

- Apply to a cotton ball in the morning and lightly press on under eyes to help lighten dark circles and depuff.



The Story:

"Years of using alcohol based toners (remember those orange and blue ones?!?!) followed by years of Witch Hazel toners taught me what I *didn’t* want out of a toner...if you know what I mean. Instead I needed something light, rosacea-friendly, and hydrating. I was first introduced to rosewater by a tiny french lady (ironically named Rose) whom I used to care for in a long-term care facility when I was 18. She was 90, really feisty, and swore her beauty secret was rosewater...which she made me mist on her face 2x a day before wheeling her to the cafeteria to eat, and frankly, talk shit with her friends. I loved her. This one's for you, Rose. Thanks for introducing me to my all time favorite natural ingredient and sparking my love of skincare."