Ranch Blouse Denim Jacket: Black Sulfur-Dyed

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Original 13 Oz SC Black sulfur-dyed denim, selvedge, milled in Japan.

* Early round-type collar, A-1 style.
* ‘Vintage’ boxy but fit silhouette.
* Pleated front with original MF® arrowhead dart stitching.
* Original MF® “M” stitching on chest pockets.
* Single pocket flap.
* Selvedge front panel fold.
* NOS stripe fabric for collar and pocket flap.
* Brass cast MF® branded tack buttons.
* Buckle back, concealed selvedge strap, adjustable, riveted.
* Copper rivet reinforced, unmarked hardware with backing leather washer.
* Tonal stitching, 100% cotton thread.
* MF® branded leather patch on rear waist band.
* Original mfsc printed “Buckaroo” cloth label.
* Made in USA

The SPORTSMAN” is Mister Freedom's on-going catalog of original classics, all made in the USA.

The original Mister Freedom® Ranch Blouse is MF's homage to the denim jacket models that have been covering Americans’ backs for over 100 years.

The Ranch Blouse has a 1930’s ~ 1940’s flare with the traditional bell and whistle ie. the pleated front and the buckle back. They went for a "vintage" boxy fit while keeping the silhouette trim.

The Ranch Blouse is designed in California by Mister Freedom®, and manufactured in USA in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co., from denim fabric milled in Japan.

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