Wacky Ass Twist Candle (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY)

Wacky Ass Twist Candle (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY)

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We had a little mishap with these candles, and they got warped a bit in a hot vehicle on the way to the shop. They are still very functional, and very cute, so our oops is your gain!

Please note: We are not able to ship these, but available for local pick up in Raleigh.

See the original product details below. ✨


The twist candles use the flexibility of wax. Candles are usually straight and therefore need a base. In this project the designer combined both base and the candle in a single material shape. By bending and twisting candles a new typology appears combining form, function and fun. Designed by Lex Pott.

Dimensions: 9.45 x 3.93 x 6.89 inches.

Burning time: Approximately 10 hours per end.

Unscented, Paraffin wax, cotton wick.

Scent: This candle is unscented.

Safety warning: Burn both wicks at the same time and on a flameproof base. Twist Candles may deform if placed near heat or in the sun for extended periods of time.