Doodle Hat: Olive

Doodle Hat: Olive

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We love a good little story of inspiration!

From the creator: "One day I had a blank herringbone twill sample sitting on my desk, as always there were a few pens and a sharpie scattered across the desk. I had to call my crappy state health insurance, and what should have been 3 minutes turned into 1 hr and 17 min. However when the call ended, the hat you see before you had emerged and one sharpie laid dry in trash."

Printed 100% Cotton Herringbone Twill Upper.
100% Cotton Herringbone Underbrim & Front Lining.
Unstructured Crushable Upper.
Custom Ampal Chino Twill Premium Sweatband w/ Sweat Barrier.

Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA.