Minted Hair & Body Oil

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Minted Hair & Body Oil is a versatile and nurturing, all-purpose oil blend with a clean and refreshing aroma. Invigorating peppermint is enhanced by crisp herbal and lemon notes for an energizing and bright experience. Use as a body moisturizer or massage, hair, bath, and shave oil. Gentle for all skin types.

This formula incorporates nutrient-dense organic golden jojoba oil to replenish dry hair, reduce skin inflammation, and balance skin. A combination of vitamin-rich and lightweight apricot and rice bran oils ensures fast absorption and glowing skin. Also includes antioxidant-packed vitamin E for it's collagen producing properties, scar tissue prevention, and ability to promote healthy follicles.  

This blend of carrier oils, vitamin E, and exquisite essential oils creates a refreshing body oil and restorative hair treatment ideal for mint lovers. This oil is a super fas absorbing moisturizer - perfect for anyone on the go, or anyone seeking a versatile product.