15x15 Magnetic Chalkboard: Slate/Pine

15x15 Magnetic Chalkboard: Slate/Pine

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It’s hip to be square! Say hello to our new 15x15 square slates – perfect for first words, sweet sentiments, and sassy sayings. This black magnetic letter board is handcrafted with a high-quality pine frame in a natural finish and sports a single-sided, traditional chalkboard surface. Perfect for the kitchen, your kid's room, or anywhere else you can fit it, this pint-sized letter board makes for a beautiful home accent or the perfect gift for the word nerd in your life.


  • Write-on surface (Chalkboard or Dry Erase) 
  • Board Size = 15x15x0.75”
  • Single-sided board
  • Materials: Solid white pine frame, steel, composite backer board

This is a handmade product using natural materials. Color and grain patterns made vary. This is a porous chalkboard. Do not use chalk markers or oil-based chalk on this chalkboard. Hardware is included but is not installed.