Candy Canes: Gravy 6 Pack (FINAL SALE)

Candy Canes: Gravy 6 Pack (FINAL SALE)

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A very gravy mistake? ✨

Gravy Candy Canes are here to save Christmas the same way that actual gravy saves dry turkey. No matter how bad a holiday meal is, you can always count on gravy to cover everything up and make it better.

This set of six 5-1/4" tall, gravy-flavored canes with brown and white stripes will improve all the other parts of the holidays. Every time you get suckered into a difficult conversation with an inebriated relative, just suck on the savory goodness of a gravy candy cane and your troubles will melt away.

✦ Set of six brown & white candy canes
✦ 5-1/4" tall with gravy flavoring
✦ Not as moist as actual gravy
✦ Celebrates a holiday meal favorite
✦ The future star of the white elephant gift exchange?