Spaghetti Chitarra

Spaghetti Chitarra

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La Vialla’s pasta is artisanally produced with durum wheat, spelt and barley grown using organic and biodynamic methods. The pasta is “bronze-drawn” and dried very slowly at low temperatures. The production process is different for each type, as is the cooking time that, when adhered to, will give pasta worthy of a “starred” restaurant.

Fattoria La Vialla is a family-run, organic-biodynamic farm and wine estate. Already a farm over two centuries ago, it was retrieved from abandon and taken into safekeeping by the Lo Franco Family in 1978. Today La Vialla uses organic and biodynamic methods to cultivate 1,600 hectares/3,954 acres of land (with the largest Demeter certified surface area in Europe) and produces its own wine, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese, appetizers, sauces, pasta, vinegar, honey, biscuits and other sweet delicacies – directly from vineyard to bottle, from vegetable patch to jar.

Contains 500g.

Ingredients: 100% Durum wheat.