Yiayia & Friends Graviera Cheese Rusk

Yiayia & Friends Graviera Cheese Rusk


When is a snack more than a snack? 🧀

When it is made by yiayia! Oven-baked and infused with the distinct flavor of the spicy graviera cheese made in Crete, yiayia’s cheese rusks can be served as appetizers with dips, or as a super-healthy and delicious alternative to croutons in salads.

✦ Box contains 60g

✦ Made in Greece

✦ Ingredients: Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, pomace olive oil, 6% Cretan graviera cheese, sugar, salt, yeast

Allergens: May contain traces of tree nuts (almonds), sesame, dairy products, and egg.

Yiayia and Friends was created by the graphic design group Beetroot reintroducing traditional, natural concepts of life through reimagined quality food products.