Bright Light Feature Artist: Lo & Behold

Lizzie Chadbourne has a cheerful effervescence that’s reflected 100% in Lo & Behold, her luxe line of skincare products inspired by the beauty of North Carolina, totally natural and totally intoxicating! Catch up with our Bright Light Artist for the month of October and learn more about this amazing woman, her love for this awesome state, and that endless hustle!!

EOU: Why bath and body? How did Lo & Behold start?

I have always enjoyed using good quality skincare products, both for the benefits for my skin and the relaxing experience of using them. I also have an interest in natural foods and health. After I graduated from college, I used all my free time learning to make things that I use, and naturally skincare became one of those things. As time went on the hobby became an obsession, and between the extremely high quality I was making, and the joy I was experiencing, I decided to turn this interest into a business. There is a huge lack of actually 100% natural products that also have decadent textures and scents. I aim to fill that void and create products that people use, and will provide joy.

EOU: Is Lo & Behold all about pampering, or is there a healing aspect as well?

Both! Each product is designed to be relaxing, serve a therapeutic purpose, and improve your skin. For example our Lavender Fields Oil moisturizes and replenishes the skin and the scent relaxes the mind.

EOU: What have you learned about yourself launching Lo & Behold? What kinds of things have you learned about others that you weren't expecting?

Owning and operating Lo & Behold has taught me so much about myself, everyday reveals new strengths and weaknesses’. When you are at the beginning of growing a business, you don’t get to just focus on your strengths, you have to push yourself constantly. I can create and design new products all day long, but then actually getting them up on the website, figuring out their profits and margins, planning the timing, and following through with marketing, that is where I struggle.

Wow the second part of this questions is huge: working with people in general shows a different side of people, especially when it involves your little baby business. So many of my relationships have changed since Lo & Behold launched. I have been very pleased with seeing so many strengths from my friend Jacy who works for me now. She is more than just an employee, I have learned that she is a sounding board and has a great instinct in areas where I struggle.

EOU: What's your favorite part of the process?

Designing a new product and then witnessing a customer’s positive reaction to the product, and hearing the wonderful results they experience after actually using the product regularly.




EOU: How did you decide on branding Lo & Behold? Your friend’s artwork is featured on the labels, correct? Can you talk about how it embodies the spirit of L&B?

The first year the business operated we had very different branding, pretty random designs, and re-branding has been one of my favorite parts of the business. After a year in operation I realized customers would respond better to literal images of the ingredients, the products are all natural and therefore dedicated to nature. I wanted someone to look at product and just know what it is automatically. 




This concept worked out perfectly with my love for Amy Richards’ art. She is a local watercolor artist who paints natural images beautifully. I loved that by working with her I could achieve the goal of literal images, support a friend and local artist, and just get to look at art that I like!

While her art is featured on many labels, our graphic designer Suzy Porterfield also does the art for many labels. Their work together embodies Lo & Behold, beyond reflecting nature the images are bright, colorful, and cheerful. I want my customers to feel joy every time they see and use the products.

EOU: How does NC affect your product or aesthetic, if at all?

NC is central to our products, it is my home state and it inspires my creative process. I am very dedicated to local business, particularly locally grown food and crops in NC. Recently we have been using more local ingredients, and some of these wouldn’t be possible if we were located elsewhere. I am thrilled to live in a place where so many herbs and plants can grow bountifully, and where I can work with kind and talented growers and farmers like Lee Crawford, Waterdog Farms, and Floppy Hat Farms. While we still feature ingredients that are not local, like coconut oil, or bergamot essential oil, the branding reflects how I feel about my special home state. A lot of skincare companies from large cities have very sleek and simplistic branding. I like that the bright and colorful branding reminds me of the NC woods, mountains, farms, and fields.




EOU: What's your biggest challenge today? 

My biggest challenge is balancing my creative side with running the operational side. I let my creative side go wild this year, and I am already planning 2017 so I can really take care of business.

EOU: What inspires you? What or who do you find endlessly interesting?

Plants inspire me, walking outside, gardening, buying fresh produce. I will be making a tea with fresh herbs and think, wow this could be on my skin too! I can be outside surrounded by plants, or read a book about herbs, all day long!

EOU: Do you think you can judge someone based on what they like, or what they ARE like?

I try not to judge others, you never know what is going on with other people. However, once you have enough interactions, and get to know someone, you can sense whether a person should be in your life or not. So in a way yes, I will judge someone on what they ARE like. John Lee Dumas from my favorite business podcast always says “you are the average of the 5 people who you spend the most time with.” I don’t judge people that I randomly interact with, but those close to me need to be positive and help motivate me.

Shop the Lo & Behold line right here, or come see it in person at our trunk show right here at Edge of Urge Raleigh on October 8th!