Face Mask

Face masks, face coverings, PPE, whatever you want to call it, the Covid-19 pandemic has made face masks THE accessory of 2020. Browse our storewide selection below!

Size Guide

Width (left to right) Height (nose to chin)
Edge of Urge Reversible Cloth Masks, Small/Medium ~8.5" ~7"
Edge of Urge Reversible Cloth Masks, Medium/Large ~9" ~7.5"
Edge of Urge Pocket Filter Cloth Masks, O/S ~8.5" ~7"
Brixton Adult Reversible Masks, O/S ~9" ~6"
Brixton Adult Antimicrobial Masks, O/S ~9" ~6.25"
Brixton Youth Antimicrobial Masks, O/S ~6.5" ~4.5"
Railcar Fine Goods Masks, Small ~6" ~5.5"
Railcar Fine Goods Masks, Medium/Large ~6.75" ~7"
Baggu Adjustable Masks, O/S Flat: ~8.5"
Expanded: ~8.5"
Flat: ~2.75"
Expanded: ~6.5"

Be Well, stay safe

Mask up!

Help keep yourself, your family, and your community safe—wear a mask when you go out!

We're making masks and shipping orders every day to all corners of the globe from our boutiques in Raleigh and Wilmington. Every order is made with care and packed with love! 

All of our Edge of Urge brand face masks are made to order and will require a day or two to make. Our Baggu face masks, Brixton face masks, and Railcar Fine Goods face masks are all ready to roll the minute you order them! Check their individual availability on their pages for more specifics for styles and sizes.

Caring for your mask

  • Hand-wash or use a garment bag in your clothes washer to protect the ear straps.
  • Hang dry.
  • Wear such that your nose and mouth are covered by the mask.
  • Wash between use.
  • Do not rest on shared surfaces, such as workspaces, register checkouts, or dining tables. If you must take it off, put it in your pocket, handbag, or a storage pouch. This will keep it from contaminating shared surfaces or picking up contaminants and passing them on to you.
The masks we made and sell are NOT medical grade unless otherwise specifically stated on the individual product page.