Meet Chelsea Amato!

Storytelling has become a crucial way for the LGBTQ community to see themselves in the mainstream media to advocate for LGBTQ youth. This Pride month, EOU is supporting LGBTQ artists and sharing their stories. We teamed up with runner enthusiast and store, Runologie, and did a call for artists for a fundraiser for the LGBTQ Center of Raleigh. After combing through all of the submissions, it is not hard to see why we fell in love with this design by artist Chelsea Amato. Their story that accompanied the design sealed the deal!!!
We are excited to share her story and design with you! You can purchase shirts below or at Runologie and the Run For Love 5k on June 5th, 2021! (Register here)


We are so thrilled to introduce you to CHELSEA AMATO!!!!!
“I am a queer artist with a focus on plants, energy work, social justice, and sustainability, based in Durham. My wife and I moved back to the triangle about three years ago because of the triangle's strong queer community. When living in NYC, I craved plant life and because I had less access to it, I began to sketch abstract plants daily as a way to combat depression. This shirt is an homage and celebration of the way plants can enhance and save lives. Just like plants, queers are both resilient and strong. Fighting oppressions also makes queer communities stronger in fighting for social justice. As a queer artist I feel it is my duty to educate others, and stand up for what is right.”
🤩It’s GREAT!!!! Ammmmiright?🤩
Follow Chelsea on Instagram or check out more of her stunning work here!
We love you guys so much and can not thank you enough for your submissions!!!!!!!!