Bar Soap: Eucalyptus Bergamot

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We could say a lot of things here but simply put...Good Juju makes really great soap. They believe in their original formulation so much they started a different wing of the business to donate free bar soap to cancer patients to help keep their skin healthy and intact while going through chemo. (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!)  Made using a -unique to them- proprietary method of making soap and the perfect ratios, their soaps are deeply moisturizing, and can be lathered three different ways-- to wash your body, wash your hair, shave with or be grated down and turned into DIY laundry detergent. 

Great head-to-toe or hand soap bars. Out of this group, Lemongrass is our pick for laundry detergent and Rosemary Tea Tree is our pick for a shampoo bar.

Eucalyptus Bergamot: saponified oils of olive oil and coconut oil, bergamot essential oil*, eucalyptus essential oil*

*signifies organic ingredient