Best In Strapback Hat
Best In Strapback Hat

Best In Strapback Hat

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Brushed 100% Cotton Twill Upper

100% Cotton Micro-herringbone Under Brim & Inside Lining
Unstructured Vtg. Style Crushable Upper
Adj. Leather Strapback
Vtg. Style Felt Patch
Inspired by the Golden Years of American motorcycling, this series of 5 hats was inspired by the old dealer water-slide decals of the 30s-50s.  Ampal picked 5 of their favorites, redrew them by hand and printed them vintage style on felt.  The ultimate compliment came last weekend at the Seal Beach Vintage Bike Show, when a girl remarked that they looked like the hats her grandpa, who road bikes back in the day, used to wear.
The unstructured upper, vintage military style micro herringbone and leather strapback complete the look.
Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

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