Body Planter: Green/Teal/Orange

Body Planter: Green/Teal/Orange

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Yes, your newly rooted cutting is sexy...but it could get even sexier with this pretty femme planter! ✨

✦ Yes, it has a drainage hole! REJOICE! 🎉🪴

✦ Measures about 3.3" wide at the top and 4” tall.

✦ Made with love in Wilmington, NC by Hannah Sanchez.

✦ These babies are poured in small batches, so color and pattern may vary slightly from piece to piece making every single one unique! On that same note, each may have slight imperfections/bubbles as everything is handmade.

✦ It's recommended to keep the plant in a nursery pot to avoid mineral buildup on the planter from watering (similar to concrete or terracotta planters!).