Calendula and Rose Scrub

Calendula and Rose Scrub

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The combination of skin-brightening oils and natural exfoliants in this lightweight,  Calendula and Rose sugar scrub work together to leave skin visibly soft, hydrated, and glowing.


sugar, calendula infusion (in olive oil)*, rosehip oil*, evening primrose oil*, vegetable glycerin, lavender essential oil*, jasmine essential oil*, calendula petals*

*signifies organic ingredient 


The Story: 

"Never forget the time I used a salt scrub on my sensitive, eczema-prone legs and essentially lit them on fire (if this has happened to you let me know, maybe we could bring a class action against salt scrubs everywhere). I decided “ok, no salt scrub..”

So, how about a sugar scrub for pre-shaving or an, “I'm really taking care of myself” shower? They were all made like why the abundance of oils to slick me up in shower? That was the day I decided I would make a scrub. Simple, effective, skin-softening, with a light, herbaceous scent to boot."