Carolina Fried Chicken Maps
Carolina Fried Chicken Maps
Carolina Fried Chicken Maps

Carolina Fried Chicken Maps

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OUR BIGGEST DISCOVERY YET! >> Dipped Chicken & Calabash Fried, 2 fried chicken styles that ORIGINATED IN THE CAROLINAS!

Did you know the Carolinas have 2 styles of fried chicken all their own… and the World’s Largest Frying Pan?! Discover where to find these regional gems, plus other NC & SC backroads secrets. We’ve mapped out 10 types of fried favorites, from classic styles to newfangled fowl with fancy fixin’s, and we’ve told you down to the minute detail how each restaurant’s version is prepared (brined, dry or wet battered, type of oil, skillet-fried, deep-fried, and so on). The 10 fried chicken styles featured include:

* Southern-Fried
* Chicken Biscuits
* Chicken & Waffles
* Chicken Sandwiches
* Nashville-Style Hot Chicken
* Korean Double-Fried
* Smoked-Fried
* Chicken Wings
* Dipped Chicken, an original Carolina style with ties to both NC & SC
* Calabash Chicken, a style that originated in the NC coastal regional


  • map of NC & SC with 300+ fried chicken stops categorized by symbol
  • restaurant symbols: fry prep (brined, marinated, battered, etc.), oil type, frying method (cast iron, skillet, deep-fried, pressure-fried/broasted)
  • chicken-themed roadside attractions & trivia
  • timeline on the history of fried chicken
  • the science of frying


  • restaurant listings: addresses, phone numbers, hours, & what to order + special sections for gas station & church fried chicken
  • restaurant icons: buffet, cafeteria line, take-out only, cash only
  • Almanac of Gallus Gallus Domesticus (the Domestic Chicken)


  • 4" x 9" folded | 40" x 27"
  • offset lithographic print
  • NC-Made
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