Coffee and Shea Butter Body Scrub

Coffee and Shea Butter Body Scrub

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This scrub is effective yet simple, moisturizing yet not oily. The caffeine in coffee can help visibly brighten and tighten skin by stimulating blood flow. This scrub exfoliates skin while also delivering antioxidants to often neglected parts of the body (thighs, stomach, and the booty to name a few).


ground coffee*, sugar, shea butter*, grapeseed oil*, evening primrose oil*

*signifies organic ingredient 

** PLEASE NOTE THE MOST CURRENT INGREDIENT LIST ABOVE. Due to a 2020 label shortage, the label on the product you receive might have a different ingredient list than above. Listed above is the most current ingredient list for this product. 

 The Story: 

"The sugar scrub came first, which then launched a small obsession for hydrating scrubs without the oily texture. Our Coffee Scrub’s perfect ratio makes for a really great time and truly doesn’t disappoint. Again, I made this scrub based on what worked best for my typically reactive skin - which in this case meant making a scrub heavy in raw, organic Shea Butter."