Custom Naughty Spirit Animals

We've got some mouthy little creatures ready to be hand-stamped just for you! Our custom pocket pals are your own personal peanut gallery! And they support you, no matter what you want them to say. Keep them close to ward off bad vibes or send sassy thought bubbles to tedious enemies. Slim and shiny, they fit in any purse, bag, acid washed jean jacket, velvet blazer, slouchy trouser, you get the idea. Take them with you, wherever you go, and you'll never have to bite your tongue again.

Custom works hand-stamped at Edge of Urge! What nefarious thing will your own sass-blaster say?


We currently have Unicorns available. 

(Sold out of Dolphins at the moment)

Each can be stamped with up to 5 rows, the below characters and spaces for per row.  No ' , ! or ?, but all letters and numbers are available!  Just type your message as you'd like it to appear in the comments box at checkout.

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