Day Dream Ring: Gold Plated

Day Dream Ring: Gold Plated

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The Daydream Ring is a bridge to new experiences and imagined worlds, ones made of clouds and watercolors, stepping stones like cotton candy over rivers of silk, a lush forest across the way, woods made of dark greens and bright stars. Worlds made of strange food and folk songs, worlds made of French words and olive trees, worlds made entirely of candy, made entirely of cut-out shapes, made entirely of gold.

The Daydream Ring carries you to your neighbor’s harvest party, an autumn equinox, the festival of Sukkot, where you decorate her backyard with pine and palms, paper fruits, shiny streamers, fairy lights. You can see the sky peeping through the branches. You clink small glasses of tea and wine, share wide trays of lemony greens and warm bread, yogurt spiked with pomegranate. There is Balkan music and electro-pop thrumming in the background, and later, the kind of dancing where you bow to your partner and hold hands, grinning, anticipatory, thrilled.

The Daydream Ring is a 1.5mm wide flat band with hand drawn little rainbows or arches on the band imitating the shape itself. 

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