Dekopon Cat Print 11 x 17

Dekopon Cat Print 11 x 17

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Dekopon is a seedless and sweet Japanese citrus fruit. This cat likes it! 😸✨

Cloey Zikmund is a tattoo artist based in Chicago who started making these beautiful cat + food prints as a creative outlet during 2020’s lockdowns / closures. We licensed a series of them as riso prints because they charmed the hell out of us and they were so popular that we're continuing with 3 additional designs this year.  

Artwork by Cloey Zikmund.
11" x 17" CMYK process risograph print.
Printed on white 67lb cover weight paper.

Note: the charm of riso prints is in their imperfections. Slight registration shifts, opacity changes and roller marks can happen as the paper moves through the machine, making each print potentially unique. See detail photos for examples. The soy ink used also gives the prints a newspaper like quality - with enough effort you will find that the ink can smudge and rub off onto your fingertips. These characteristics are not considered flaws.