Dorothy Succulent + Handmade Ceramic Planter: IN STORE PICK UP ONLY
Dorothy Succulent + Handmade Ceramic Planter: IN STORE PICK UP ONLY

Dorothy Succulent + Handmade Ceramic Planter: IN STORE PICK UP ONLY

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This Dorothy Succulent and Ceramic Planter is everything you need for a low maintenance, long lasting, minimal plant, and planter for any space—made for plant killers!

Dorothy (Dot) is a snarky little succulent who enjoys teaching other plants about botany and dancing to Cardi B and Bad Bunny.


  • 1 Medium, high quality, super hardy, and low maintenance succulent named Dorothy that we grew in our greenhouse
  • 1 Medium ceramic planter that we made by hand to hold the right amount of water and to keep the plant small like a bonsai
  • Hand mixed cactus + succulent soil made for proper drainage and oxygen to root
  • Our signature white sand that slow releases water to the root of the plants    (**Terra-Cotta Planters do not include sand)
  • Easy care instructions for 1x a month watering!

During colder months we suggest adding a heat pack to your order if the package will go through 40 degree weather or below. This heat pack is automatically added to your cart during colder months. If the heat pack is removed from your order, the plant is not guaranteed to arrive in good condition.


  • Approximately 4x3.5 inches for the plant and planter
  • Size varies slightly due to the handmade and natural qualities of the planter and plant.


  • Each item comes with instructions for care and easy assembly.
  • Our cacti and succulents are the hardiest varieties and great for plant killers!

h a n d m a d e   c e r a m i c s 

  • We make our ceramic planters by hand using techniques unique to our studio in order to regulate the proper moisture and oxygen levels for each plant. Our planters have a matte absorbent finish that requires no drainage hole.

h a n d g r o w n   p l a n t s 

  • We grow our own plants and test them in our planters indoors along with years of research and experimentation to create the most low maintenance and healthiest plants and make sure they will last.
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