Felted Soap: French Lavender

Felted Soap: French Lavender

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Our Felted Soap is built on the idea of combining bar soap with a washcloth, in the most fun way possible. Felted soap is bar soap that is wrapped in a naturally antimicrobial coating of roving (scroll down to "featured ingredient" for more on roving). The basics are you wet the soap, start to lather, and it will lather through the outside coating. The roving will shrink with the size of the soap inside because when hot water hits the fibers of the roving, this allows it to open up and knit tighter and tighter around the outside of the soap. Ideal for all skin types, this soap weighs 5.5 oz.


ROVING: Roving is essentially raw, unrefined wool. Roving is naturally anti-microbial, is a good natural exfoliant, and preserves the life of the soap. Oh, and it is also compostable! 

LAVENDER: saponified oils of olive oil and coconut oil, natural roving, lavender essential oil*, shea butter*


*signifies organic ingredient