Flower Bath Salt Packet: Uplifting

Flower Bath Salt Packet: Uplifting


Self-love and care are where it all begins. ✨

This flower bath salt blend was created by Poppy California with the intention to promote self-love and care for the moments we may need it most.

Immerse your body, soul, and senses with a dried flower and salt blend to sprinkle into a running bath during celestial, bathing, and meditation rituals. Shower and cleanse body prior to soaking in a hot bath for a completely relaxing and grounded experience.

Bonus? The package is compostable! 🌎

Made with Dead Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, *Jojoba Oil, *Rose Petal, *Calendula, *Life Everlasting, *Chrysanthemum and Essential Oils of *Sweet Orange, *Lemon, *Lime, Mandarin, Rosemary, Gem + Flower Essences (*indicates organic).