Fuck Candle: Dry Orange

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Every single one of these candles is handcrafted and hand poured in a little New York City studio. These candles are made in small batches to ensure freshness and the highest quality product. Only using natural and environmentally friendly products in these candles which may result in minor bubbling, discoloration, or frosting. Each candle is a unique & individual sculpture! We kindly ask that you keep this in mind when purchasing our candles.

D E T A I L S : Approximately 7” x 1 ¼” x 2“ Approximately 6 to 7 oz. Phthalate, petroleum, and lead-free. 100% pure refined beeswax sourced in the USA. Non-toxic, food grade and natural mica powder as colorant. Organic hemp wick dipped in beeswax for a brighter, and slower burn time. No artificial scent. These candles are scented by hard-working buzzing friends. Each batch of wax used to make our candles has a slightly different scent depending on where the bees were pollinating.