Giant Mushroom Stool (IN STORE EXCLUSIVE)

Giant Mushroom Stool (IN STORE EXCLUSIVE)

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Made of molded resin, and all hand painted this giant 'shroom is a great table, footrest, or stool. Perfect for the outdoors, at a BBQ, or just hanging around the house. 

✦ Sturdy and strong, built to last forever! A real work of art. 🍄

✦ Measures 15" x 12.5".

You might ask: 'Why all the giant stuff?'
It all comes back to art. It always does. Inspired by artists such as Claes Oldenburger and his giant floor burger, and Jeff Koons's puppy, these works of 'gigantism' are statements as much as they are sculptural. Third Drawer's range of giant objects is a way of paying tribute to these artists and many other pop-art heroes, having fun with art, and allowing you to have fun with spaces!