Golden Shimmer Sea Salt Spray 2oz.

Golden Shimmer Sea Salt Spray 2oz.


Born from the Earth. ✨ 

Embrace the essence of the ocean and the sparkle of the sun. This sea salt spray has innovative MADE SAFE certified synthetic, biodegradable mica to add golden shimmer and shine to hair, responsibly. Aloe, seaweed extracts, and sea salt work together to give hair texture, body, and beach-inspired waves - without ever weighing it down. Great for everyday styling or when you want to glam it up for a night out! 

 ✦ Contains a signature blend of wild Maine seaweeds grown in the wild waters of Maine to nourish both hair and scalp with essential vitamins and minerals.

✦ Carefully sourced from ancient sea salt deposits in Utah to add texture, body and gentle waves to hair.

✦ Contains Aloe Vera, grown in the desert landscape of Southern California, aloe vera heroically hydrates and gives hair a light natural hold.

✦ Biodegradable synthetic mica adds beautiful golden shimmer and shine to hair.

✦ Active essential oil blend of organic rose geranium and palmarosa essential oils.