Granjares Instant Coffee

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Canyon Coffees 2nd Instant Coffee: Granjeras—a seasonally-rotating selection of women-grown microlots from Colombia. True to the name, granjeras translates to women farmers. We're starting off the Granjeras series with a microlot grown by one of our favorite producers, Virgelina Perdomo. We first purchased Virgelina's coffee in 2019, enthralled by its round juiciness, sweet caramel body and notes of passion fruit. This year, we're so excited to make it available as a follow-up to our highly praised first Canyon Instant from Ethiopia. What is a microlot? As the name implies, a coffee microlot is relatively smaller than a normal lot, or harvest yield, of coffee. But why is it smaller? Often, microlots are the result of a single farmer or group of farmers dedicating a smaller plot of land to which they can give more time with higher quality of care and attention to detail. The end result is often a higher quality, more valuable coffee.
Made in United States of America