Hamsa Protection Kit

Hamsa Protection Kit

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Protect your space and your aura with the Hamsa Guardian kit. 

Cedar represents protection and new life.  In First Nations lore, cedar is known to freely bestow its natural power, prosperity and longevity.  Traditionally burned as a tool to access the heavens, cedar allows for direct communion with source energy.  This kit is also perfect for removing heavy emotional energy and for banishing nightmares. Additionally, it's very effective for calling on energetic protection during baby blessings and naming ceremonies.

Sweetgrass - also referred to as grandmother's hair, sweet grass symbolizes the wisdom and experience of the earth.  The three strand of the braid represent the love, kindness and honesty. It imparts spiritual insight to the nature and causes of things.  It is best lit after purifying a space to welcome positive vibrations. 

Pyrite symbolizes physical and emotional well-being.  It attracts prosperity while shielding one from negative energy.

Divinely scented and renowned for clearing energy and bringing forth blessings, zimbu rope incense is a quick and effective way to fragrantly cleanse the energy of your space.

What's included: sacred cedar bundle, pyrite cluster, mini sweetgrass braid, 5 zimbu rope incense, 6”x4” hand carved keepsake wooden box 

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