Herbal Shrub: Fig & Cardamom

Herbal Shrub: Fig & Cardamom

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Shrub a dub dub! 

HBFG created these as a sparkling water flavoring alternative. Love the bubbles of sparkling water, but hate all the recycling and lack of honesty when it comes to "natural flavorings". We love using (and reusing) our Soda Stream and mixing these syrups straight up for refreshing drinks, with or without added alcohol. 

HBFG organic Shrubs are a synergistic blend of dried fruits and herbs which are extracted in white wine vinegar and then turned into a syrup using cane sugar. The result is a sweet, tart, herby syrup which can be used in cocktails or sparkling water, used in salad dressings, and even drizzled over desserts. 

Suggested usage: 1-2 tsp syrup to 4 oz carbonated water

Suggested taste pairings (loose suggestions, they each pair with many alcohols): 
Fig + Cardamom with Bourbon
White Mulberry + Holy Basil with Tequila
Lavender + Blueberry with Vodka
Nettle + Tart Cherry with Sparkling Wine
Chamomile + Goji Berry with Gin
Lemongrass Pear Ginger with Sake

Memory and circulation drinking vinegar! The sweetness of syrup with the bite of vinegar!

Antioxidant rich!

White wine vinegar with mother*, cardamom*, mission figs*, cane sugar*

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