Ida Candle: 7.5 oz

Ida Candle: 7.5 oz

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"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them." ~ Ida B. Wells

Commemorating 100 years of Women's Suffrage, this Limited Edition IDA candle is a tribute to the many Black women who fought for the right to vote. On this centennial, Bright Black partnered with visual artist Kesha Bruce to pay homage to one of the most inspirational women in the Suffrage Movement, Ida B. Wells. The IDA candle is the perfect summer scent, combining the dark, almost malty aroma of black tea with the zesty warmth of ginger and the restorative spirit of sage. If the IDA candle had a nickname, it'd be "stay woke."

Each 10oz black, matte vessel contains 7.5 ounces of wax and custom-blended fragrance, along with sleek wooden wicks. 70-80 hours of burn time 

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