It's Always Freezer Season

It's Always Freezer Season

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“This book is a real celebration of the times we are currently living in! We are all cooking from home more, and Ashley Christensen and Kaitlyn Goalen have found a way to take the guesswork out of prepping and storing your food in the most creative and organized way. It’s such a good cookbook for those who love to entertain, and the title is just the best!”—Mashama Bailey, chef and co-author of Black, White, and The Grey

“In your kitchen, right now, is one of the greatest technologies humans have ever invented to keep themselves fed. But you might never have known how amazing your freezer is because it came free with your fridge. The amazing chef-and-writer duo of Ashley Christensen and Kaitlyn Goalen are here to show you exactly how your freezer can reinvent the way you cook.”—Francis Lam, host of The Splendid Table

“I thought I was a pretty enlightened cook, until Ashley and Kaitlyn opened my eyes to the power and possibilities of my own FREEZER! I am forever changed. It’s Always Freezer Season applies years of professional kitchen smarts to everyday home cooking in the most practical and accessible way, making time spent at the stove not only more efficient, but more imaginative and enjoyable too. And at just the right time! This book is the inspo we all need now!”—Gail Simmons, food expert, TV host, and author of Bringing It Home: Favorite Recipes from a Life of Adventurous Eating

It’s Always Freezer Season is stone-cold brilliant. Ashley and Kaitlyn have written the book every chef has always longed to. The pros know your freezer is the single most helpful tool in your kitchen—saving time, money, and workload. And the incredible recipes are a double bonus: Italian Wedding Soup and Beef and Coconut Stew for the win. This book is the most important household upgrade you will buy all year long.”—Andrew Zimmern, chef, author, and teacher

“How incredibly lucky we are to finally have a cookbook devoted to the most underrated part of the kitchen by the country’s best chef.”—Michael Solomonov, chef and co-owner of Zahav