Jewel Orchid Enamel Pin

Jewel Orchid Enamel Pin

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With its velvety soft leaves, the Jewel Orchid is a stunner! This variety of orchids is beloved for its foliage over its blooms which are a rich burgundy or green color with unique and mesmerizing pinstripes.

Native to Southeast Asia, they are terrestrial orchids which means that they do love to have their roots embedded in the soil. In their native environment, they can be found growing on the rainforest floor or on steep well-shaded hills or cliffs.

The flowers that do bloom are darling. They are either bright white or yellow and usually appear in winter or during the Spring months.

This particular variety of Jewel Orchid, the Golden Jewel Orchid, has darker, burgundy leaves and unique golden lightning strikes throughout those leaves.


  • 1” tall and 5/8" wide
  • Hard Enamel Cloisonné Pin

  • Comes with a secure Flat Head Tie Tack Backing

  • Includes a fully illustrated card display

  • High Polished Gold Plated Base

  • Illustrated by Samantha Leung