Language of Flowers Bandana: Serpentine (Green + Yellow)

Language of Flowers Bandana: Serpentine (Green + Yellow)

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If you take a flower and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment. - Georgia O’Keeffe
In the Victorian era, lovers communicated in secret by sending elaborate bouquets of carefully chosen flowers, each bloom (and even color) signifying a specific part of a whole message. A language of flowers, though, has existed in many forms for many centuries. Some of the most common floral associations we hold today originated in ancient times; the red rose first appeared as a symbol of love and desire in an Ancient Roman myth dedicated to Venus. There are other more obvious ancient roots, with the olive branch symbolizing reconciliation in war as far back as Ancient Greece, reinterpreted by the Victorians to represent reconciliation in love. Even older is the Ancient Egyptian symbolism attached to Myrtle, still used today to symbolize love and marriage, maybe most famously in the wedding bouquets of royalty. Flowers and herbs were carried as lucky talismans by Aztec warriors, mixed into heart tonics by medieval doctors, and made into love potions passed on through the ages from the Middle East to Eastern Europe. We’ve been fascinated by flowers and plants since time immemorial, rapt by their beauty and eager to attach meaning to them, to decode their beautiful, ethereal messages. This bandana is my ode to flora, my artistic muse and medium all in one!
Naturally dyed by hand with foraged and intentionally sourced plants and minerals: local pomegranates and iron. Screen printed in Los Angeles by Heavy Gel.
Soft, pre-washed 100% cotton

Approx. 21 x 21 inches

Printed with white ink

Limited run of 40

Note: Each bandana is dyed by hand. Variations in color and pattern will occur with each piece. That’s what makes them so special.
Hang in a shady area to avoid color fading. Some color transfer may be expected during initial wearing and washing.
Care instructions:
Hand wash separately cold
Air dry in the shade
Do not dry clean
Warm iron on reverse if needed

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