Lanyard: Honey Leopard
Lanyard: Honey Leopard

Lanyard: Honey Leopard

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What separates a lanyard from a necklace? Is it just function โ€” or lack thereof? Can a necklace be a pair of small fabric envelopes attached to nylon webbing? Or is it forever a lanyard, simply because it carries around all your small, essential things so effortlessly? We will let you decide ๐Ÿ™ƒ

โ— A set of two flat zip pouches attached to a lanyard keychain
โ— Large measures 6 ยผ" ร— 3"
โ— Small measures 5" ร— 3"
โ— Strap length measures 34 ยฝ"
โ— Recycled heavyweight nylon, nylon webbing, stainless steel hardware
โ— Machine washable
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