Large Plush: Whanda

Large Plush: Whanda

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Meet Whanda, the Panda Whale! ✨ 

This friend is made of soft plush fabric--so huggable and super cute!

Measures approximately 18 x 7 x 9 inches.

To keep Whanda spiffy, hand wash with light soap and cold water and let air dry.

Skills: Advanced abilities to recognize, remember, reason, communicate and problem-solve.

Personality: Very compassionate and creative. Whanda is quite eccentric and often prefers the freedom of being alone. Whanda knows what she wants – she’s very black-and-white that way!

Hobbies: Fishing and more fishing. She also likes a good game of shoots and ladders!

Who/what are the Randimals, you ask?

Randimals are made up of two completely different animals, blended together with their own unique and distinct personalities. 

The Randimals' story has a beautiful message of diversity and inclusivity that is so timely – “What makes us different, makes all the difference in the world."