Lighten Up Tumbler: Let's F*cking Go

Lighten Up Tumbler: Let's F*cking Go

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 A cup for all of life's *delightful* curve balls! ✨

✦ This listing is for a SINGLE CUP--two shown to demonstrate full design around the curve.

✦ Perfect tumbler for drinking OR great as a vase!

✦ The exterior is made of polished porcelain, and the interior is finished with a clear, food-safe glaze.

✦ The text may look like a good ole #2 pencil, but it is a ceramic material that is fired to 2300 degrees and will not wash off.

✦ Measures approximately 5" tall and 3" wide, and holds approximately 8-10 oz.

✦ Hand washing is recommended.

✦ Made and decorated by hand in Brooklyn, New York.

ADDING ROUTE PROTECTION AT CHECKOUT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as we cannot refund or replace items broken in transit!

About the maker: Ceramics and Theory thrives on the unexpected. Their functional porcelain pieces—cups, vases, mugs, and sculptural accents—empower collectors to inject a flirtatious and subversive wink into their decor. They believe in the power of expression, honesty, and frustration; of surprise and camaraderie. Simple curves and excellent craftsmanship yield modern forms that fit any decor.