Linen Naomi Dress: People I've Loved

Linen Naomi Dress: People I've Loved

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If happiness were a dress, it would be this one. 🌼

Nooworks cut this style out of linen and it features a relaxed fit with a loose tank-style top, dropped armholes, pleated midi-length skirt, and hidden side pockets.

✦ Made with 5 oz. linen, which is super breathable, durable, and absorbent (perfect for those hot humid summer days!)

✦ Wet printed, which gives it a softer hand feel, and it also softens with wear and wash.

✦ Featuring artwork by People I've Loved.

✦ Made in California from start to finish! ✨

Care: It is advised you DRY CLEAN ONLY. Nooworks has experimented with hand washing on cold and hang drying but because every textile has a different ink/fabric combination the shrinkage is inconsistent and not worth the risk.

Sizing guidance:

XSMALL 35 34.5 42.5 22
SMALL 36 35 43 23.5
MEDIUM 38.5 38 45 24
LARGE 40.5 40 45.5 25
XLARGE 42.5 42 46 26
2XLARGE 46 45.5 47 27
3XLARGE 48.5 48 48