Mama Sitz

Mama Sitz

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The Sitz Bath is an herbal practice of our foremothers who knew the benefits of a cup-a-tea for their most precious parts.

The concept is simple, dunk your yoni into a medicinal bath- proceed to chill, repeat daily until what ails your cooch clears.

The Mama Sitz is nothing short of a labial life saver. The blend of herbs in Mama Sitz works to soothe and aid the positively prodigious postpartum yone. Way to go mama!!

Can be used for Yoni Care post-postpartum.

For best results use within 1 year of purchase

16 fl oz 


- lavender*
- comfrey*
- chamomile*
- witch hazel leaf*
- white willow bark*
- myrrh gum powder*


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