Original Moisturizing Botanical Bar

Original Moisturizing Botanical Bar

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A solid moisturizing bar uniquely formulated with plant butters, oils, and Mexican botanicals to bring deep hydration to the skin. Replacing the need for large bottles of lotion, our small but mighty bar comes in a gorgeous reusable/recyclable tin for safe storage.

Nopal Oil deeply hydrates, and Tepezcohuite promotes cell regeneration.

Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not leave it in the sun.

2 oz recyclable tin.

Made by Hand.
Palm Oil Free.
No Synthetic Fragrance.

Peep some FAQs below!

How do I use it?
Rub it directly on your skin anytime. It melts on skin contact.

Can I use it on my whole body?
Yes. Great for dry legs, arms, and hands!

Does it have a strong scent?
No. None of Nopalera's products are strongly scented. They adhere to the essential oil dermal limits set forth by the E.U.

How long does it last?
It depends on how much you use it. A little goes a long way. With daily use, the bar can last a couple of months.