Moonlight Bath Detox Bath Bomb: HALF MOON

Moonlight Bath Detox Bath Bomb: HALF MOON

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More than just a “bath bomb”. created to detoxify and nourish the skin with organic coconut shell activated charcoal, coconut milk powder, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and burdock root sustainable luxury self-care using therapeutic grade essential oils and biodegradable packaging full moon - transformation - let go of anything that no longer serves your higher purpose. time for healing and cleansing infused with dried rose buds. use as a scrub and natural cleaner for tub

Copaiba, lavender, cedarwood


half moon - intentions - a period of strength, determination, concentration, and commitment to action. turn emotional energy into creative passion. infused with dried ultra blue lavender and copaiba, lavender, and cedarwood essential oils

copaiba - the oil of unveiling + worthiness

lavender - offering a sense of trust + security

cedarwood - grounding us back into the earth with an open heart