Moss Merino Wool Fingerless Glove: Natural Deer Palm

Moss Merino Wool Fingerless Glove: Natural Deer Palm

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These gloves are hands down some of the nicest pieces Upstate Stock has ever had the opportunity to create!

Everything from the double weight, yarn-dyed Merino wool to the slightly extended hem, ensures that you will be ready for whatever winter might throw at you.

Made from 100% Yarn-dyed Merino Wool Deerskin.

Upstate Stock partnered with a tannery in Upstate NY that has over 60 years of experience providing the highest quality whitetail deerskin possible. Each hide is ethically culled & tanned to achieve prime color & consistency. Then, each palm & hand is cut & sewn in Brooklyn.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash with a soft detergent (we recommend Woolite). Treat deerskin with a leather cream or oil to re-hydrate. Lay flat to dry.

Origins: Yarn spun & dyed in Pennsylvania. Knit in New Jersey. Sewn & finished in Brooklyn, NY.