Out Of Office Bag: Indigo/Natural

Out Of Office Bag: Indigo/Natural

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Set that away message and tune out 😎

The Jacksons brand employs over 1500 Bangladesh artisans year-round to make each tote by hand! They are made from 100% jute grown in Bangladesh. The nature of this material means that the bags can withstand intense use and the test of time. And after a long and happy life, they can biodegrade on the compost. Bonus! 🌱

Because each bag is handmade, it makes each one unique and not one bag is exactly the same. They are the perfect bag for essentials for your holidays, everyday routines, shopping and traveling.

Roughly 17in x 13in x 4in, 5.5in handle drop

These bags have a signature stripe around the edge/gusset. It is the same color as the writing.